Aims & Scope

European Urology Open Science is the open access journal of the European Urology family, which also includes the titles European Urology Focus and European Urology Oncology. It is dedicated to the publication of high quality, innovative research that will benefit patients with urological conditions, in keeping with the mission of the European Urology family. European Urology Open Science covers all kinds of research in the urological field, including clinical, basic and translational research. European Urology Open Science reflects the evolving publishing model so all published papers will have unrestricted access and be published online-only.

"Accessible for all" articles published in European Urology Open Science will include original articles, review articles, study protocols, case reports, video articles, brief correspondences, European Board of Urology (EBU) Update Series, EAU-guidelines Updates and European Urology Supplements. All articles are peer reviewed by a panel of dedicated experts and proof read by copy editors.European Urology Open Science is the perfect publication vehicle for the proceedings of a scientific symposium.