Poster session 8: Bladder cancer, Urinary diversion and Pediatric urology| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P699-700, September 2009

C127 The comparative investigation of perineal muscle functions after Mainz pouch type II distraction of urine following radical cystectomy or after radical prostatectomy surgeries

      Introduction and Objectives

      Following Mainz pouch type II distraction of urine and radical prostatectomy, the changes in the functions of anal spinchter were investigated and compared.

      Material and Methods

      Within the frameworks of prospective examinations, the rest anal spinchter pressure (RASP) and the maximal contraction pressure (MACP) were determined with the usage of rectal manometry. During the investigations, the survey data of the preoperative stage were compared with the measurements which were carried out half a year after the radical surgeries. As for the state of continence, it was estimated with the help of a survey. The investigations were to be carried out in 15 patients in the case of Mainz pouch type II surgeries, while in the case of retropubic prostatectomy, 27 patients were involved in the study. The statistical calculations two-pattern t-probe were utilized


      In Mainz pouch surgeries significant decrease were detected in the RASP (86.33±18.75 vs. 76.13±13.86 p= 0.0049) and MACP values (232.2±53.8 vs. 194.06±74.47 p = 0.0054) and 80% of the patients remained continent. Radical prostatectomy patients were no changes in the state of anal continence, no significant difference was observed in the parameters of the anal spinchter regarding either the RASP (84.7±26.5 vs. 83.5±26.7 mmHg) or the MACP (311±100 vs. 294±86 mmHg) results. Comparing the preoperative results between the two types of operations there were no significant difference in RASP (86.33±18.75 vs. 84.7±26 mmHg) and in the MACP (232.2 ±53.8 vs. 311±100 mmHg). Referring to the postoperative reports, however, the RASP values in the case of Mainz pouch type II the distraction of urine was detected to be lower, the difference was not significant (76.13±13.86 vs. 83.5±27 mmHg). The values of MACP (194.06±74.47 vs. 294±86 mmHg) were nevertheless significantly better in the case of patients who underwent radical prostatectomy.


      Both the rest anal spinchter pressure and the maximal contraction pressure values decrease significantly after the Mainz pouch type II distraction of urine. Radical prostatectomy has no influence on the functions of anal spinchter. Comparing the two types of surgeries, we detected the significant decrease of the contractility of perineal muscle.