Poster session 8: Bladder cancer, Urinary diversion and Pediatric urology| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P697, September 2009

C121 Urinary cytology and cystoscopy in recurrent bladder tumors

      Introduction and Objectives

      A comparative study between urinary cytology and cystoscopy for detection of the early recurrences during the follow up of patients with non-invasive bladder tumors. The final purpose of the study is lowering the number of cystoscopic examinations, by replacing them with noninvasive investigations.

      Material and Methods

      This study included a group of 69 patients with superficial bladder tumors, treated during 2000–2009. 21 patients were staged pTa, 37 were pT1 and 4 pT2a. For 10 patients, the histopathology could not be retraced. The follow up of the patients was made according to the EAU protocol. In the past 30 months they were evaluated by simple and exfoliative cytology and cystoscopy.


      Urinary cytology was positive in 33 cases, with a sensitivity of 45.5% and a specificity of 92%. Cystoscopic examination discovered 11 cases of tumoral recurrence.


      The results of the study indicate that cytology may be a useful addition to cystoscopy in detection of early recurrences during the follow up of the superficial bladder tumors.