Poster session 7: Laparoscopy and Reconstructive surgery| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P695-696, September 2009

C116 Primary management of the posterior urethra by traction over the Foley catheter in patients with pelvic fractures

      Introduction and Objectives

      Pelvic fractures with injury to the posterior urethra are quite rare. There is no uniform policy regarding treatment. Operative realignment of the disrupted urethra over the Foley catheter is an old method giving the best results with regard to the serious squeals of the injury, such as incontinence, impotence and stricture of the urethra. However, it is usually performed after initial operative procedure of stabilization of fractured pelvis.

      Material and Methods

      We performed a retrospective analysis of 17 polytraumatized patients with type C pelvic fractures and complete disruption of the posterior urethra treated by traction over the Foley catheter in one single surgical procedure in teamwork of traumatologist and urologist.


      Nine patients didn’t have any complications one year after the procedure. In eight cases we found short partial stenoses of the posterior urethra, which were successfully resolved by intraureteral dilatation with bougienage intrauretral resection or in one case by transperitoneal resection. There was no impotence and no incontinence found.


      The method used was successful and offered good results with few complications and avoiding additional interventions.