Poster session 6: Prostate cancer| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P691, September 2009

C100 Lateral decubitus position is less painful than lithotomy position for patients undergoing prostate biopsy

      Introduction and Objectives

      The purpose of our study was to determine if patient's position during prostate biopsy can influence their perception of pain during procedure.

      Material and Methods

      Between February and November 2008 we performed transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided biopsies on 139 men. They were divided in 3 groups: group 1 was in lateral decubitus position (n = 41), group 2 was in lithotomy position with the insertion of intrarectal 2% lidocain gel (n = 50) and group 3 was in lithotomy position without gel (n = 48). All patients underwent biopsy for the first time. None of them were using analgesics at the time of procedure. Rectal abnormalities were excluded before insertion of ultrasound probe. 12-core samples were taken each time. Immediately after the procedure patients were asked to grade the pain they felt during the procedure with 10-point visual analogue scale (VAS).


      Kruskal – Wallis non-parametric test was used to compare three groups of sampled data. In group 1 median pain score was 2.6; in group 2 it was 4.95 and in group 3 it was 4.6. There is a significant lower perception of pain in the group in lateral decubitus position during biopsy (p = 0,00002).


      Our study showed that lateral decubitus position could be less painful for patients than lithotomy position. There was no significant difference in pain perception between groups in lithotomy position regardless of applied lidocain gel.