Poster session 5: Nephrolithiasis| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P686, September 2009

C84 Destruction of stones in the kidney, bladder and ureter without harming catheter and basket material using an innovative low-energy laser shockwave mode

      Introduction and Objectives

      Using conventional systems for stone destruction such as Lithotripters, Ho:YAG lasers and alike is proven to have significant disadvantages regarding efficacy and intra-operative complications. Regarding lasers, in particular the negative effect of induced energy on sensitive material such as metal baskets or catheters are to be mentioned. Our aim was to demonstrate the first effective and flexible method of stone destruction without such side effects in the OR.

      Material and Methods

      This study included a total of 10 patients that have undergone treatment of stones in kidney, bladder and ureter. For intraoperative fixation of the stones, regular metal baskets were used. In two cases, the destruction of stones sticking to a catheter was required. Depending on the stone consistency, the multi-disciplinary laser DIOLAS LFD 3000 was switched between a set of programs for effectively destroying the targeted material.


      Highly interesting results were achieved in particular using a newly developed low-energy treatment program that has proven to induce no negative effect on sensitive material such as metal baskets or catheters. Even a direct contact with aforementioned elements did not have destructive impact. Still, the targeted stones were destroyed successfully.


      The new treatment method enabled by the laser DIOLAS LFD 3000 opens up a whole range of future improvements in the destruction of stones. Further results will be published in the following months.