Poster Session 9: Miscellaneous| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P653-654, September 2009

S140 The use of bupivacaine with morphine or neostigmine

      Introduction and Objectives

      To compare Neostygmine and Morfine effectiveness in patients underwent urologic surgery and spinal anesthesia.

      Material and Methods

      Participants were 90 patients that underwent spinal anesthesia and had an urology surgery, participant were classified in three groups. Respectively each group received 15 mg Bupivacaine (sol.0.5%) and 50 ug Neostignime, and the other group instead of Neostignime received Morphine 300 ug. And the third group received normal saline 0.5 ml. On those patients was monitored carefully maximal motor block level, the time that anesthesia lasted, the need for analgesics in 24 hours, interval analogue scale (VAS) pain score, and the frequency of side effects in 24 hours post anesthesia.


      Reviewing the results in this study was not seen any significant difference on the maximal block level, and sensory mids in the three groups. To the group that took Morphine, analgesia last longer and the need for analgesic to control post-operative pain was delayed in comparison with the group that received Neostigmine (<0.05). Pain level (VAS) total on the first 24 hours was significantly higher for the group that received sol saline compared with the group that received Morphine or Noestigmine (P < 0.5). The level of motor block had significant differences regarding the lasting time, the group that received Neostinmine the motor block last longer compared with the group that received Morphine or sol saline. Frequency of side effects was the same between the group that received neostigmine and the group that received morphine. On the other hand prurity was significantly seen higher (72%) on the group that received Morphine compared to the group that received neostinmine. Or sol saline (0%) (P < 0.05). Finally was found that the satisfaction was higher on the group that received Neostigmine compared with the group that received morphine or sol saline.