Poster Session 8: Trauma and reconstruction| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P647-648, September 2009

S122 Feminizing reconstruction of the external genitalia in childhood age

      Introduction and Objectives

      The goal of this report is to show our method for feminizing reconstruction of the external genitalia in different intersexual conditions (hermafrodismus).

      Material and Methods

      For the period of 5 years in the clinic of pediatric urology in the University Hospital Pirogov 12 feminizing reconstructions of the external genitalia were performed in children at the age between 1 and 14. We offer our method of feminizing reconstruction, which consists of:
      • resection of the clitoris
      • opening of introitus vaginae
      • plastic reconstruction of the external genitalia – labii minoris and preputium clitoridis.
      According to the size of the clitoris we performed:
      • resection with termino-terminal anastomosis of the cavernous body of the clitoris, preserving the neurovascular body in the cases with smaller clitoris
      • resection of the body of the clitoris, preserving part of glans clitoridis on a neurovascular body.


      We follow up the early and late results by means physical examination and photo documentation. The late results in all operated children are with good cosmetic result and preserved sensitivity of glans clitoridis.


      We recommend our organ sparing method of choice for operation and tactic of treatment for the feminizing reconstruction in children.