Poster Session 8: Trauma and reconstruction| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P647, September 2009

S120 Penile fracture – Series of cases

      Introduction and Objectives

      To inform the practitioners about this rare condition of urological emergencies which requires early surgical management.

      Material and Methods

      Between January 2004th and December 2007th, 21 patients with penile fracture were treated on our department, from them 18 with surgery and 3 with medicaments. Mean age was 39 years (range 26–54). Two cases were attributed to masturbation and 19 to violent sexual intercourse. Hospital admittance varied from one hour to three days. Clinical diagnosis was enough in majority of the case.


      The tear was more frequent on the right side (60%), proximal part of penis (60%) and ventral localization (80%). Only in two cases laceration of spongyous urethra was detected and in one with laceration of urethra. The tear size ranged from 3.0–12.0 mm with mean size of 7 mm. Surgical treatment consists of evacuation of the hematoma, identification of the tunica injury, local debridment if it is necessary and closure of the tunica laceration with an absorbable suture. No operative and perioperative complications from first to third day until discharge from the hospital were present. After two years of follow up, 2 patients had light curvature, 2 with painful erection. Sensory loss, voiding difficulty, skin necrosis were not registered.


      The best treatment for penile fracture is early surgery with functional and aesthetic benefit.