Poster Session 8: Trauma and reconstruction| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P647, September 2009

S119 Controversies in penile fracture treatment

      Introduction and Objectives

      Penile fracture presents just a small percent of injuries of male urogenital tract because of penis mobility and its topography. Penile fracture has unusual etiology and if it is not treated adequately can lead to serious consequences. The aim of work is to properly determine early and late complications in patients with penile fracture who treated conservatively because of certain circumstances, or adequately by surgery. The main question is which kind of therapy to apply?

      Material and Methods

      In last three years in Urology and Nephrology Clinic of Clinical Center of Montenegro were treated 11 patients with penile fracture. Patients were age 24 to 61. Seven patients (64%) came on medical examination 48 hours after injury, or were on conservative therapy, or they didn’t come at all because of paramedical reasons. Four patients (36%) came as urgent cases and, after properly implemented diagnostic, has been done surgical intervention.


      From 11 patients, at 4 (36%) of them who were under surgery, preserved erectile function is detected without presence of penile deformation or plaque in place of rupture. Those patients are advised abstinence from sexual activity for 4 weeks. Rupture on tunica albuginea was always transversal and it was located on the base of penis, or on its middle third. In 6 patients (55%) who were treated conservatively because of certain life circumstances, was registered plaque which in 3 patients was larger than 2 cm in longitudinal diameter and sexual dysfunction was present at all of them. In all patients with erectile dysfunction was found plaque similar to lesion in Peyronie’ s disease.


      It is evident that complications in patients treated conservatively are present in larger percent, in fact, they are always present, and there are no important complications when penile fracture is treated surgically. All presented speaks enough about importance of surgical treatment of penile fracture and that is very important to understand it as urgent urological injury which requests adequate surgical treatment.