Poster Session 2: BPH and prostate biopsy| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P613, September 2009

S20 Frequency of LUTS/BPH in men aged between 50 to 80 years

      Introduction and Objectives

      To determine prevalence and severity of LUTS in two groups of men. To show how much bother symptoms cause and to investigate the correlation between these two variables. To explain relative importance of each symptom due to the bother it causes. To clarify the influence of LUTS on QoL.

      Material and Methods

      Two groups of patients were examined. Investigational group of 102 men who complained on LUTS at first visit to urologist, and control group of 109 men who did not complain on LUTS, but came to urologist because of other reason. Survey was completely performed by one urologist in office manner. DAN PSS-1 questionnaire was used to estimate the symptom severity and symptom bother. Men answered questions without additional help. Relative importance of symptoms was estimated multiplying numeric values of symptom severity and symptom bother for every single symptom.


      Men who came to the urologist with complaints on LUTS have moderate and severe symptoms, significantly were more bothered with symptoms, they reported higher relative importance of symptoms, and in average they were older than men who did not complaint on LUTS. Relative importance of symptoms showed that in investigational group three of four highest ranked were storage symptoms. These symptoms consistently cause significant bother in comparison to voiding and post-micturition symptoms which showed to be variably bothersome in our study group. QoL assessment confirmed in control group that symptoms might be present, but not affecting significantly QoL. In investigational group QoL was disturbed in 85% of men.


      LUTS are present both in man who are seen in urologists office and in those who are not. The true is that relying only on symptom severity, clear difference between symptomatic and nonsymptomatic patient can not be found. Symptom bother is the issue which differentiates patients with same symptom score, and is important factor influencing the men seeking help behavior. Relative importance of each symptom illustrates how the same symptom severity can be variably bothersome. We recommend DAN PSS-1 questionnaire as simple and accurate tool in assessing broad spectrum of LUTS features in man.