Poster Session 1: Bladder cancer and urinary diversion| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P611, September 2009

S14 Operative treatment of the bladder exstrophy by the method of Arap in childhood age

      Introduction and Objectives

      We used the operation of Arap as a method of choice for treating the bladder exstrophy in childhood age.

      Material and Methods

      For a period of 6 years in the Clinic of pediatric urology we operated 10 children (6 girls and 4 boys) at an average age of 1 year by the method of Arap. We accepted as our modification the combination of 1st and 2nd act of the operation in one in all children. In one of the cases we used reconstruction of the sigma-conduit as we detubularised the sigma. In the 4th act of the method (forming the neourethra) in one of the children we used bucal mucosa for the plastic reconstruction of the urethra.


      We follow up the early and late results in children operated by this method. As a most common complication we observed stricture of the neourethra. The final results in terms with the capacity of the neovesica, continens and spontaneous miction are satisfactory. Postoperatively we did not observe vesicoureteral reflux and urostasis in the upper urinary tract.


      In conclusion we recommend the use of the operation of Arap as a method of choice in the delayed (1 year of age) operative treatment of the bladder exstrophy.