Poster Session 1: Bladder cancer and urinary diversion| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P611, September 2009

S12 Continental derivation of urine in children using the method of Mitrofanoff

      Introduction and Objectives

      Specifying the operational methods and reporting the results of continental derivation of urine in children using the method of Mitrofanoff when appropriate indications exist.

      Material and Methods

      During a period of five years, six continental derivations of urine using the method of Metrofanoff were executed in the Pediatric clinic of urology at UMHATEM “N.I. Pirogov”. We performed appendicovesicostomy in four of them, where three reimplantations were done using the method of Politano-Laedbetter and one using the Le Duc's method. Due to the lack of appendix in two cases the continental derivation was performed using Monti modification.


      In four of the cases very easy self-catheterisation and good continens were achieved without any reported complications. In two of the cases, due to the leakage of urine from the bladder neck, a secondary execution was necessary.


      We would like to recommend this method for continental derivation of urine when indications exist because of its relatively easy performance and good results obtained.