Poster Session 1: Bladder cancer and urinary diversion| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P610-611, September 2009

S11 Urodynamic features of Hautmann orthotopic ileal neobladder using standard and ambulatory urodynamics. Preliminary results


      5 patients were continent both day and night, while 5 patients who were continent at SUD proved to be incontinent with AUD. The average leak episodes were 6 during an ambulatory recording of 18 hours. Mean nighttime voidings was 2 for each patient. Neobladder compliance was normal in 11 patients (>39 ml/cmH20) while in the remaining three it was <13 ml/cmH20. These patients were found incontinent with both urodynamic methods. PVR ranged from 0 to 323 ml regardless of initial bladder filling. High flow rate patients emptied their bladder without residual volume. High post voiding residual volume was found in three patients with urethral strictures. Maximum flow in AUD recording were 1.5fold higher than those accomplished with the SUD (6 ml/sec and 9 ml/sec respectively). Mean cystometric capacity was 520 ml, average and maximal pouch pressure were 31 and 44.5 cmH20 respectivelly, maximal bladder capacity 1100 ml, minimal bladder capacity 111 ml (standard urodynamics). Mean pouch pressure during AUD was approximately 2 fold lower than SUD.