Poster Session 7: Stones and Reconstruction| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P605, September 2009

N106 Nephrostomy in pregnancy

      Introduction and Objectives

      Nephrostomy is a fast and safe way to relief pain and unblock the renal collecting system in pregnancy. Nephrostomy should be performed under ultrasonography by qualified doctor. Nephrostomy is a minimally invasive treatment of hydronephrosis during pregnancy. It is safe for a woman and fetus.

      Material and Methods

      The study was made on the group of 9 pregnant patients, between 20th and 35th week of pragnancy. The study was made during two years time, among the young women, age between 24 to 30 years old. Nephrostomy was performed in all patient on the right side (100%), in one case intervention failed (11%) – instead the D-J catheter was placed into the ureter.


      All patients, who had successfully performed percutaneus nephrostomy, immediately felt better, relieved pain and fever, pharmacological treatment was stopped. 7 patients (77%) suffered from hydronephrosis because of physiological syndroms in pregnancy and 2 patients suffered from ureterolithiasis during pregnancy (22%).


      Percutaneus nephrostomy was performed under ultrasonography by skilled doctor, who minimized the side effects of this treatment. It is a very good way to unblock the renal collecting system, which relief the symptoms of infection and pain, also postpone further treatment of ureterolithiasis after parturition.