Poster Session 7: Stones and Reconstruction| Volume 8, ISSUE 8, P604, September 2009

N102 Feasibility of prepuce reconstruction in hypospadias repair

      Introduction and Objectives

      Prepuce reconstruction has been part of hypospadias repair in selected patients. It has been our policy to try to repair the prepuce in all the patients with hypospadias as part of total penis reconstruction.

      Material and Methods

      92 patients aged 0.8–15.5 years admitted for primary hypospadias repair were examined / 28.3% distal, 53.2% middle, 18.5% proximal /.


      Prepuce repair was performed in 72.8% of all, in 80.6% and 83.6% with distal and middle hypospadias, but in proximal hypospadias – 17.6%. On follow-up 88.1% patients had a retractable prepuce, in 6% partial or complete dehiscence was found, in 6% phimosis developed. Urethral fistula developed in 4% patients.


      Foreskin reconstruction was possible in the majority of patients with distal and middle hypospadias, but not so in proximal variants.